Rock 2 the Core is a great way to have fun in the classroom while aligning to the Common Core State Standards.

Music is a magical way to engage all types of learners and help student succeed.

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We all know how greatly music affects our feelings and energy levels! Without even thinking about it, we use music to create desired moods-- to make us happy, to enjoy movement and dance, to energize, to bring back powerful memories, to help us relax and focus.

There are lots of reasons to Rock! Rock 2 the Core engages learners in kinesthetic, auditory, and visual modalities. Using music in the classroom and at home can create a positive, energized and focused environment.

The worksheets that accompany Rock 2 the Core songs allow students to apply what they learn in the songs, and using dance moves to accompany songs is a great way to get your K-5 students active, energized and learning in a positive way.

Music helps kids learn because it will...

• establish a positive learning state
• create a desired atmosphere
• energize learning activities
• change brain wave states
• focus concentration
• increase attention
• improve memory
• facilitate a multisensory learning experience
• release tension
• enhance imagination
• develop rapport
• provide inspiration and motivation
• add an element of fun!

Rock 2 the Core gives you and your students easy-to-learn, standards-aligned songs and videos for grades K-5. Developed BY teachers -- FOR both teachers and parents -- to engage and inspire your students. We are committed to increasing their level of understanding and retention by making learning fun!